Have you ever wanted to communicate to your users after you released a theme or plugin? This is something we’ve been thinking about for quite a while.

Once you’ve published a product, things don’t just stop. It’s actually more of a beginning from multiple standpoints. What begins is the relationship with your users. This relationship can be developed at various levels. The most obvious one being the product support. However, there are other reasons why you might want to communicate with the users. For instance:

    • Sales (offer special deals to the user)
    • Support,
    • Feedback (ask the user to evaluate the product),
    • Marketing (promote a related product or service),

There is no easy way to establish communication with the users in a non intrusive way. Except if you sell / distribute your products on your own site, you won’t get the users’s e-mail. That’s why we developed Remote Dashboard Notifications.

It is a simple plugin made for WordPress developers. This plugin will offer you an easy way to talk to your users by pushing short messages to their dashboard.

The plugin will have to be installed on a “server” site. It can be your own site, your support site… Then, you will need to load one extra file in the product you’re developing and add 2 lines of code in your source.

With this done, you will be able to push messages in the admin notices of everyone using your products in just one click.


This plugin is entirely free. No “premium” version. We developed it on our spare time and we will maintain it / improve the best we can (we already have some featured in the roadmap). If you like this plugin and want to contribute to make it better, more stable, flexible and feature-rich, head over to the GitHub repo.

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