WP Awesome Support is a brand new WordPress support plugin. You might think “there are support plugins out there already”, and you would be right. But there is no plugin like this one…

WP Awesome Support History

We recently started selling our work on Codecanyon. As we give a lot of attention to our clients, we needed an efficient support system.

We don’t like to re-invent the wheel and spend time developing something that someone has already (well) developed. Thus, we started hunting for a great support plugin: WordPress Extend, Codecanyon, Google…

We had a few requirements for our support system:

  • It has to be powered by WordPress
  • It has to integrate with the theme we chose (KnowHow)
  • It has to be simple
  • It has to support multiple support agents
  • Optionally, it should integrate with the Envato API

Unfortunately, our research didn’t give any satisfying result frownie-8986422 This is why we decided to develop our own WordPress support plugin.

Unique Support Features

This support plugin does not only scratch the surface like many others do. We digged deep into the real customer support. Hence, you will find features we are the only one to offer.

Integration With Just Any Theme


It was our first requirement: the support plugin must integrate well with just any WordPress theme. And it is the case. WP Awesome Support comes with a light Bootstrap stylesheet. We made it as light as possible in order to avoid conflicts with your existing theme.

However, if conflicts arises, you have 2 options:

  • We realized the most annoying conflicts happen to be on the forms. Hence, you can disable forms styling only
  • If you really don’t want to use the built-in style, just disable it completely!

Of course, we let you add any custom style. If you know what you’re doing, you can make the plugin fit your theme pixel-perfect.

Intelligent Tickets Attribution


This is one of the most unique features. As the plugin supports multiple support agents, one question arises: how to assign the tickets?

When most plugins will assign all new tickets to the site admin, we developed an intelligent attribution system. Three modes are available:

  • Standard attribution: tickets are assigned to a default agent
  • Auto-Assign standard: new tickets will be assigned to the agent who has the less open tickets
  • Auto-Assign by group: you can assign each agent a group. Then, when a new ticket is submitted, it is asigned to the agent in the corresponding group who has the less open tickets

This feature will help you run your support smoothly without overloading your team while ensuring the shortest replying delay.

E-Mail Templates & Notifications


Eveytime an action is performed, an e-mail notification is sent. When a new ticket is submitted, a reply is posted, the ticket is closed…

And the best is that all the e-mails can be customized! Thanks to a Word-like text editor, you will be able to create your very own e-mail notifications. Moreover, various template tags will allow you to input dynamic content such as ticket ID, title, agent name…

Ticket Follow-Up

Somebody need to keep an eye on a specific ticket? Easy! Just add the e-mail in the CC field and every single e-mail notification will be forwarded to that person! That can be very helpful for a manager who doesn’t have time to personally manage the ticket.

And More…

  • Support Multiple Agents: need to add more agents? No extra fees! Add as much agents as you need and improve your customer support
  • Advanced Permissions Management: who can read or reply to tickets? You decide! Make it public for a knowledge base or private for individual support
  • Envato Compatibility: you work with Envato marketplaces? Ask your users their purchase license and provide premium support to those who actually bought your items
  • Translation Ready: you support is not in English? The plugin is fully localized and can be easily translated
  • Live Chat Compatibility: you want to integrate a live chat to your support? Our plugin is compatible with the excellent Snapengage

Buying the plugin

Our responsive Support Plugin for WordPress is exclusively available for sale on CodeCanyon:

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