I don’t know for you, but when I develop a WordPress theme or plugin that needs to be mobile compliant, I check the developmet site quite often from my mobile.

It really becomes annoying when I have to type long URLs like http://development.dev/my-dev-site/my-test-url-is-so-long on my small mobile’s keyboard. Yes it’s doeable, but the time I spend doing this is absolutely unproductive and is annoying as hell.

Using QR Codes

At one point, I decided that it was too much and that I needed a simpler solution. I browsed the WordPress Extend looking for a plugin that would give me a QR code for my pages, but I couldn’t find anything that really helped. There are a lot of QR Code plugins on the Extend, but it’s for front-end use (shortcodes mostly). What I needed was a QR code in the page’s edit screen.

As nothing came up, I simply made it myself. What I did is nothing fancy and surely not hard to code, but it saves me a lot of tme now when I have to check pages on a mobile.

What the plugin actually does is:

    • Add a dashboard widget with a QR code that takes you to the site’s homepage
    • Add a metabox in posts / pages edit screen with a QR code that links to this page (front-end),

As I said, nothing fancy but it makes my life a lof easier! You can also add support for custom post types very easily by using the filter wpaqr_post_types.

If you want to give this plugin a try, download WP Admin QR Code Generator on the WordPress Extend. Also, if you have any suggestion for improvements, I’ll be happy to hear it! Share it in the comments.


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