It is with great excitement that we are announcing the official release of Awesome Support version 3 on the WordPress Extend.

After month of hard work, 41 000 lines of code written and one month of beta testing, we finally made it! Awesome Support is available for everyone and for free.

wordpress-org-plugin-page-1024x493-8283662 Awesome Support on WordPress.orgn

Our goal with this version that has been rewritten from the ground up is simply to make it the best WordPress support plugin. Even though it is now live on the Extend, we still have tons of things to add and to improve.

Thanks to almost two years of customer feedback and experimentation, we have a pretty good idea of what people want. Features will be added in two ways: some things will be added to the plugin’s core, some other will be sold as add-ons on our official site We have 3 add-ons available as of now (Canned Responses, Private Notes and Envato License Validation). One more will be coming this weekend or early next week.

If you want to know what the future is going to be for Awesome Support, we have a public roadmap that you can see on Trello:


This brand new version has been built for flexibility. If you wish to make a contribution to the core to make it even better, you are more than welcome on our GitHub repository. Ideas and pull requests are really appreciated simple-smile-8680176

If you have a great idea and wish to develop add-ons for Awesome Support, you’re also welcome! Even though the terms haven’t been finalized yet, we are planning to open our catalog to third-party developers. Ping us on Twitter if you’re interested.

Finally, we have moved all the plugin translation over to Transifex. If you wish to translate the plugin in your language it’s now super easy.

We hope Awesome Support will find the success we wish for it, and if you want to be part of it we will be glad to count you in!

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